Can you say “gross oversimplification”?
Boot Camp is sure generating a lot of press, much of which alludes to the potential security issues that one will need to address when running Windows on one’s Mac. In an amazingly consistently misdirected CyberSpeak article in USA Today, Andrew Kantor seems to make one bizarre argument after another to support his article’s title that “Boot Camp will [not] start exodus to Windows.” Although the premise implied in his sarcasm-attempting title may well be accurate (Apple certainly didn’t create Boot Camp to start such an exodus, nor does anyone really believe it will occur), his arguments are almost all, well, let’s be charitable and stick with “misdirected.”
Since this is a security blog, we’ll ignore all his other misstatements, and simply quote Kantor on security:
  1. Oh, and the whole "no viruses on the Mac" business? Besides the fact that it's no longer true, you can get this neat stuff called anti-virus software.
We could just let this statement speak for itself, but what good is a blog without a comment or two. Admittedly sometimes it’s hard to tell when Kantor is being serious, but this seems to be one of those cases. He really does seem to think that a score of 100,000 pieces of malware to 3 means the Mac is just about as insecure as Windows. And he does seem to at least be claiming (although he can’t really believe, can he?) that an anti-virus band-aid is pretty much all that’s needed to heal the serious disease that is Windows security.
OK, now that’s enough said.
Tuesday, April 18, 2006