Walt Mossberg and the price of security
In his weekly Wall Street Journal column, this week Walt Mossberg reviews Apple’s new MacBook. His review, as is usual when he talks about Apple products, is quite positive. For this blog, however, the most interesting item is his comments about how the Mac is “vastly superior to Windows machines.”  In particular:
  1. Apple's operating system is better designed, more stable and more modern than Windows XP. Its built-in iLife suite of multimedia software can't be matched on Windows. And it has -- so far -- been attacked by only two viruses, compared with the more than 100,000 viruses and spyware programs that plague Windows. Those qualities are worth hundreds of dollars, in my view.
Hundreds of dollars! Even if he’s referring to the whole OS, iLife and better security put together, he’s got to be giving security itself a value of somewhere around $100. It’s great to see someone not only recognizing the Mac’s security advantage, but giving it an actual valuation as well.
Mr. Mossberg’s security evaluation does contain a small error however: he says there are two known Mac viruses when there are actually 3 :)
Friday, June 9, 2006