A security professional’s switch to Mac
Remember those “Mac Switcher” ads? The ones that preceded “I’m a Mac. I’m a PC”? Apparently some people still do. In particular, a security professional just cited those ads, along with, more importantly, the Mac’s way superior security, as the reason for his switch. He provides interesting details and insights on a community Web site, with a diatribe entitled “My Switch to Mac”, or “I'm Mad as Hell, and I'm Not Going to Take This Anymore EITHER!”
Although we, as Mac users, should never give up being vigilant about security, it’s good every so often to compare our situation to the way the other half (OK, the other 90%) lives. Plus the security professional, Bryan Cox, makes some good recommendations as to important security items to address as part of the switch (and as part of setting up any new Mac).  Here are some excerpts:
  1. I found myself thinking “Who has time for all of this? Do I have time for all of this?” I began to realize that to keep a PC up and running, I spent an average of 4 to 8 hours a month just for preventive maintenance, checks, and services... If I was having a hard time choosing a system, and if I was having a hard time keeping up with security and system maintenance, then what kind of trouble is the average person having?
  3. I was also aware that the current Mac OS X was built on a very stable, solid, and inherently more secure foundation than Windows.
  5. I’m writing this on my new MacBook that is only about two weeks old. So far, everything has held true... Everything DOES just work... I’ve already set up a wireless network and firewall, which took mere minutes... All of my important stuff is backed up using the .Mac service, even though there is much less risk of actually needing that backup.
  7. All of this without the enormous security issues that come with Windows, Internet Explorer, or Outlook. Yes, you could accomplish all of these things on a PC, but you’d have to hunt for additional software and it would take hours of troubleshooting before is all came together, and how long it stayed together would be another matter.
And the clincher:
  1. So, my advice for the general public on securing and maintaining their home computer just got much shorter. Now it consists of only this:
  3. “Get a Mac.”
Monday, December 18, 2006