More Microsoft
It seems to be turning out that a Macintosh security blog talks about Microsoft Windows security as much as Macintosh security. That says a lot right there, doesn’t it? Anyway, PC World magazine just published a very interesting review of ten (yes, 1-0) Windows Internet security suites. These products all seem to be full-fledged suites, similar to but generally even more comprehensive than the three such suites available for Mac OS X (our DoorStop X Security Suite, Symantec’s Norton Internet Security and Intego’s Internet Security Barrier). Check out, at minimum, the table of the ten that PC World includes.
There was also a chat associated with the review yesterday. Probably the most interesting part of the chat for us Mac users went as follows (emphasis added):
  1. Bwitch: At what point should I abandon the frailty of Windows security and join the Mac revolution? Will the PC ever be as "untouchable" as the Mac OS?
    Narasu: The real question is whether the Mac OS will stay as untouchable as it currently is. One of my machines at home is a Mac, and I have to be honest--I don't run any antivirus software on it. I do, however, have a firewall enabled. So yes, the Mac is one way to be less vulnerable to security threats
There have also been a number of other such articles and events that compare Mac and Windows security recently:
  1.  Microsofts’s OneCare, mentioned previously. The PC World article came out right before OneCare shipped.
  2.  An ongoing InfoWorld discussion entitled “Talkback: Is Apple really better at security than Microsoft?”
  3.  An article in the Seattle Times entitled “Mac security smugness a no-no.” This article is mainly a comment on Apple’s recent security TV commercials.
Tuesday, June 6, 2006