A car alarm for your Mac?
Chapter 3 of our book is entitled “Physical Security.” In that chapter we discuss how it is much more likely that your Macintosh will be “attacked” through old-fashioned physical means than through the Internet. In particular, your Mac is much more likely to be stolen, lost or destroyed by fire or other catastrophe than it is to be hacked over the Net.
In the section “Physical Security First,” we recommend various physical security measures, starting with “Protect your computer from theft.” Laptops are particularly vulnerable to this type of “attack.” An interesting new piece of software helps implement this recommendation in a novel, innovative way. iAlterU uses the built-in motion sensor, iSight camera and infrared remote control of the MacBook Pro to provide a “high tech alarm system” for that laptop. The software sounds a screeching car-alarm-like siren if the laptop is moved while the alarm is on.
The software is currently in beta, and may support other motion-sensing laptops in the future. We’ll see how well it works for real. For instance, what’s to prevent the thief from turning the computer off?  It’s definitely a cool idea though.
Monday, April 10, 2006