Comic lack of Internet security
Yesterday’s “On the FastTrack” comic strip begins with a panel saying “On average, an unprotected computer will be attacked within twenty minutes.”  It’s actually a whole lot worse than that.  According to the year-old USA Today study we quote in the book, an unprotected Windows PC was actually taken over within four minutes.  And of course attacks against any Internet-based computer often begin well before that.
On an ironic note, the page where you can find the comic includes the following note (which, like many Internet security issues, only applies to Windows machines):
Note: If you're using Norton Internet Security 2006 and cannot see today's comic strip, please read our special help page.”
The page goes on to talk about various other Windows firewalls that can create problems reading the comics as well. Sad but true. There don’t seem to be any such problems with Mac firewalls however (we’ve specifically tested it with our DoorStop X Firewall for instance).
Friday, February 10, 2006