More words to the wise
More about Boot Camp and security. Last week Apple introduced Boot Camp, which lets Windows XP run on Intel Mac hardware. In a previous entry, we started discussing some of the many security ramifications of running Windows on your Mac. Since then, a number of Mac users who are also Windows experts have chimed in with some great thoughts and advice on how to best secure any Windows system running on your Mac.  Here are a few key ones, taken from Macintouch:
  1.  An XP virus injecting code into OS X's space is a possibility, but it's also something of a long shot since XP doesn't have HFS or HFS+ support
  3. 1) ZoneAlarm free firewall (turn off XP's).
  4. 2) CCleaner set to only remove temp files, used frequently. Don't use registry cleaner feature, no experience with that.
  5. 3) SpywareBlaster set to block all bad Web sites access.
  6. 4) WinPatrol set to lock out changes to XP startups without permission. (this one takes very long time to install, then runs fast).
  7. 5) Microsoft Defender freeware antispyware run daily.
  8. 6) Spybot run as needed.
  9. 7) AdAware run as needed.
  10. ALL work together well and DO NOT slow down the OS, just protect it. UPDATE each as new updates are offered. Use VersionTracker Windows and/or for notifications.
  11. Visit MS Update site every Tuesday when updates are offered. Do them all, they all work as well as Apple Update ever did.
  13. 1) Top notch antivirus running always.
  14.  For antivirus software I use AVG, which you can download (free) from
  15.  I was wondering if you only used XP without ever connecting it to the Internet would work to keep your system safe." [from Alan here at Open Door]Absolutely. That's one of the best ways to go, if you can. Actually pull the Ethernet cable, and don't configure wireless networking on the Windows side.  [In response] A much easier way is, once in windows, go to the Network control panel, right click on each network interface you have, and choose "Disable".
Wednesday, April 12, 2006