Another Apple security ad
It looks like Apple’s first security ad has worked out well from Apple’s perspective, since they’ve just released another one. Called “Trust Mac,” it starts with Mr. PC trying (in his own way) to be incognito (“Hello, I’m a Mac.” “And I’m no one.”). He then proclaims “it’s not very safe for me right now” and offers a disguise (of sorts) to Mr. Mac, who declines, countering “I run Mac OS X so I don’t have to worry about your spyware and viruses.”
In a very subtle point, Mr. PC then takes the offered disguise back, commenting “You’re right, I probably should have a backup anyway.” :)  Online, the ad again links to “114,000 viruses? Not on a Mac.”
The previous Apple security ad, as expected, has been much debated as to whether it’s a good thing that Apple is flaunting its big security advantage. For instance it’s been cited as a reason that a MacBook was used at BlackHat in the seemingly-bogus wireless exploit demo. This new ad should keep that debate going.
Monday, August 28, 2006