A pleasant surprise
It’s always nice when you’re reading a well written article on Macintosh Internet security, because they’re pretty few and far between. It’s particularly nice when that article is in PC World. But you really can’t beat getting to the guts of the article and having it be all about your key product! The recent PC World article by Rebecca Freed (“Mac Skeptic”) provided us with just that experience. This is a blog, so we get to toot our own horn once in a while.
The whole article (along with a previous one from last month) makes sense, echoing many of the important items we highlight in our book and this blog: the recent malware scares, securely using WiFi networks, encrypting data on your laptop’s hard disk, being sure to use a firewall and enable its logging features. But by far the best part is under the heading “Security Help in Plain English,” which begins:
Definitely a good way to start! Perhaps we’ll adopt “Security Help in Plain English” as our new tagline, since it really is what our products are all about, and how we’ve designed them since day one. The article continues to accurately and succinctly describe our DoorStop X Security Suite, and concludes, in talking about the book that this blog accompanies, with:
Not too much more we can say here, is there? Thanks Rebecca, and PC World!
Monday, March 13, 2006