No phishing
Symantec this week introduced an interesting Macintosh Internet security product: Norton Confidential. Although seemingly over-laden with probably-unneeded features, Norton Confidential does seem to provide at least one feature that is quite needed: phishing protection. Mac users are, if anything, perhaps slightly more vulnerable than others to phishing schemes, where official-looking emails get you to go to official-looking Web sites that attempt to get you to disclose confidential information such as online-banking account numbers and passwords. The phishing Web sites of course are in fact bogus, and entering confidential information on those Web sites can be quite damaging.

There are already common-sense ways to combat phishing, such as never going to Web site addresses sent via email, but additional tools like Norton Confidential can be a big help in providing an additional layer of security, which is always a good thing. Of course that’s assuming the layer is real security, and not just marketing hype (which the “security companies” have been known to engage in now and then). The product should be available soon so we can tell for sure, but so far phishing protection sounds like a good thing. From the Symantec press release:
  1. Phishing Protection - Norton Confidential safeguards users from visiting
  2. and/or submitting confidential information to known and unknown phishing
  3. websites.
FWIW, the press release also mentions the following additional features, which seem much less likely to be useful: File Guard, Information Guard and Vulnerability Protection. But let’s wait and see.
Disclaimer: Open Door Networks wrote Symantec’s original Norton Personal Firewall for Macintosh (see our firewall history page) and maintains an ongoing relationship with the company.
Friday, October 13, 2006