A word to the wise
Today Apple introduced “Boot Camp,” public beta software that enables Intel-based Macs to run Windows XP. In typical Apple style, Apple seems to be making it as easy as possible (however still not easy mind you) to install Windows and have it co-exist on the same machine as Mac OS X (currently 10.4.6 is required). Apple says Boot Camp will be a feature built in to Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).
Apple also smartly addresses the security ramifications of such a “dual boot” system with a section on the Boot Camp Web site entitled “Word to the Wise”:
“Plague the Windows world” is right! A good start, but obviously there’s a whole lot more to say on this subject. In particular, installing Windows on your Mac will make even the Mac OS part of your Mac less secure. In our book, we expand upon this whole issue in the chapter 10 section entitled “Virtual PC.” Virtual PC is software that runs Windows XP in a window under Mac OS X, so it’s quite similar to Boot Camp. Here are some important and relevant excerpts from that section:
Boot Camp also requires Windows XP Service Pack 2, which is important from a security perspective. Service Pack 2, while still having a large number of security holes, is a great improvement on previous versions of Windows XP in the security area.
There will be lots more to follow on this subject in the future, no doubt...
Wednesday, April 5, 2006