More ado about nothing
Various and sundry articles have come out over the last few days about Mac security “issues,” but, as is more often the case than not, they really seem to amount to much ado about nothing.
As a perfect example, a CNET article talks about an exploit, which, if a user is already logged into your Macintosh, can grant them additional rights beyond what they’re supposed to get. This is similar to an exploit from earlier this year, and mainly means that you shouldn’t let people onto your computer who you don’t trust (or better yet, you just shouldn’t let people onto your computer). It’s believed the “exploit” has already been fixed through a recently released Apple security update.
In the ongoing wireless FUD saga, an number of articles have come out recently:
  1.  An eWeek follow-up that uses the word “bizarre” four times, once preceded by “more” and once by “most.” The word really applies more to the coverage than the issue at this point, which, if there was one, was fixed by Apple a couple weeks back.
  2.  CNET coverage of a non-event where one of the Black Hat researchers didn’t talk about the wireless FUD situation he created/exposed even though some thought he may have been planning to.
  3.  And a statement attributed to that researcher as to the fact that he wasn’t going to talk about the issue, although not as to why he wasn’t. Huh?
Is it any surprise that Macintouch today referred to the whole situation as a soap opera?
Oh yeah, almost as an aside from a press point of view, Apple also came out with a new version of Mac OS X, 10.4.8, which does in fact include some real security updates and should probably be installed sooner rather than later. It’s good to see that something of substance has been going on too.
Tuesday, October 3, 2006